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by conversion of 200 thousand vehicles into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles

Saving 350 million liter gasoline


Tehran (NIORDC), quoted by (IRNA) - Navid Khassehbaf" added in a press conference: One million and 400 thousand public vehicles (including vans and taxis) it was suppose to turned into dual-fue vehicles for free.

He noted:" in the middle of the implementation, an amendment  was added that would allow personal passenger cars and Internet taxis  turned  into dual-fuel vehicles."

The union official said: "only 200,000 vehicles turned into the dual-fuel vehicles, and especially in Covid-19 pandemic, has slowed down its implementation, ever since"

He continued: The daily savings of 23 million liters gasoline in the country is due to CNG vehicles, while China saves 130 million liters of gasoline per day with seven million dual-fuel cars, and the reason is to focus on dual-fuel heavy and commercial vehicles. Is a point that has been neglected in our country.



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