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The Director of Coordination and Supervision of Operations of the NIORDC announced:

6% increase in feed refining in the countrys refineries

The director of coordination and supervision of operations of the NIORDC announced, a 6% increase in feed refining in the country"s refineries.

TEHRAN (NIORDC) __Quoted from MEHR PRESS ,Saeed Madah Moravej, regarding the increasing trend of condensate and crude oil refining in the country"s refineries, said:The refining performance of crude oil and gas condensate in 2020 was equal to two million and 45 thousand barrels per day. This year, despite extensive repairs to refineries and other downstream units, this figure has risen to 2,170,000 barrels per day with some modifications to distillation and refining units at refineries.He added: "This statistic indicates a 6% increase in the refining of crude oil feed and gas condensate in the country"s refineries, and the same amount of increase in the production of petroleum products."
Moravej also pointed to the growth of production of some products, including gasoline and gasoil compared to last year, stressed:Despite this growth, in the period of this year, compared to last year, following the control of the corona and improving safety in the country and facilitating car traffic, the amount of gasoline consumption has increased by 15%. In other words, the average daily consumption of the country has increased from 5.75 million liters last year to 86 million liters per day.

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