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Deputy Minister and Managing Director of Refining and Distribution emphasized

Increase the depot capacity in parallel with the development of refining projects


Deputy Minister of Oil and CEO of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, referring to the export of 5 shipments of gas oil and kerosene this month, said that: all necessary actions should be taken to construct and increase the depot capacity in parallel with the development of refining projects."

TEHRAN (NIORDC) Jalil Salari said on May 26 at the signing related to the construction of the oil products depot called Shahid (martyr) Nader Mahdavi: "We decorated this warehouse with the name of Shahid (martyr) Mahdavi. Who was the myth of resistance and the nightmare of the Americans was in the Zulfaqar Group Battleship.

Saying that the $ 8-9 billion investment in refining projects was the result of efforts in the 1980s, Salari added: "Following the pathology, it was determined that development measures should be taken in the field of increasing storage capacity so it is decided to increase depot capacity." Increase from 12 billion liters to 16.5 billion liters.

He said that one MoU will be signed monthly, added that it was not good performance in the filed of creating capacity for storage of petroleum products in the past it was necessary to pay attention to this issue the. A 600 million litre tanks of depot Shahid (martyr) Mahdavi is one of the largest reservoirs in the field of colored products.

The Deputy said that according to the Tapesh pipelines which are under construction, the export is going on at the same time with other fields. We predicted that consumption would be increased in the new Iranian year. The consumption of the country reached to 97 million liters during Covid -19 period, but we exported five shipments kerosene and gasoline with highest price.




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