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The Oil Minister

Construction of petroleum refineries is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Oil

The Minister of Oil, stating that the construction of oil refineries is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Oil, said: "Today in the world, they do not seek the construction of oil refineries, but invest in the construction of oil refineries."

According to the information base of the National Company for Refining and Distribution of Iranian Petroleum Products, quoted by Shana, ‌ Javad Oji stated that fuel production figures are approaching consumption, and added: "There is also a concern that after the outbreak of the virus is eliminated." The corona epidemic is undoubtedly on the rise, so this is one of the priorities and plans of the Ministry of Oil.
According to Oji, the current capacity of the existing refineries can be increased quantitatively and qualitatively with the processing modifications that are being considered, while the refineries are also relatively well-earned and have become operational.

In another part of his remarks, he emphasized the construction of petroleum refineries to provide fuel and feed for the petrochemical industry and said: "This process should have the same fuel and feed production for the petrochemical industry, this is also one of the priorities and plans of the Ministry of Oil to prevent crude sales." .
"This figure depends on the investors who enter the field," Oji said about the number of petroleum refining units. The law provides for good incentives, such as a one- to two-year post-operation feed permit, which is a very high score. We hope that with these and other incentives, at least one or two petroleum refineries will be built and put into operation in this government.

Regarding the financing of petroleum refining units, he said: "Several models, including the capacity of the National Development Fund, the use of bank facilities, participation bonds, public participation in the form of project funds, the use of oil purification and the use of foreign investors, especially neighboring countries are  Among the ways to provide these projects

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