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The refining industry is pushing for industrial development in the thirteenth state

The share of CNG in the car fuel basket is on average about 23 million cubic meters per day

TEHRAN (NIORDC) Quoted from SHANA, According to the statistics of the industrial plan management, the number of gas-fired vehicles in the country is 4,129,757 and the distribution capacity of compressed natural gas (CNG) in Supply stations across the country have now reached 3 million cubic meters per hour (2 million 949 thousand 492 cubic meters).
According to the latest statistics of the management of the industrial plan (September 1400), the average daily distribution of this clean fuel has reached 22.4 million barrels per day. According to the latest reports on the conversion process of public vehicles until December 10, this year, a total of 158,528 dual-vehicle public vehicles have been burned in the country and 6,343 units are waiting for the turn of the conversion.

In Tehran province, 17,045 vehicles have been gassed so far in the form of a free plan for converting public vehicles, and 576 vehicles are waiting for their turn; This province has the highest conversion statistics in the provinces of the country so far.
The province of West Azerbaijan with the second ranked, 14,284 public vehicles have been dual-fuel so far, and the owners of 588 vehicles are waiting to be converted. East Azerbaijan province is also ranked third in the country and so far 12,676 public vehicles in this province have become dual fuel and 577 vehicles are waiting for their turn.
The number of stations launched in the country is more than 2500 stations
According to the latest statistical reports of the management plan of the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company, 2,524 industrial stations have been set up in the country. According to the decree of the Economic Council, through the provision of free facilities, about one million and 460 thousand vehicles will be directed to clean and cheap industrial fuel, which includes 100% of the passenger and freight transportation sector in the country.
Applicants, including owners of public taxis and vans, Nissan and trucks, can refer to this website at, which has been activated since Tuesday (May 4, 1400), finalize their registration and Take turns.
Currently, there is infrastructure to increase the share of fiber in the car fuel basket and daily distribution of about 40 million cubic meters of fiber in the country, and it is expected that with the implementation of this plan, the amount of fiber distribution will increase from the current 22 million cubic meters to 30 million cubic meters per day.

Cultural development following the development policies of previous state is also on the agenda of the thirteenthstate; The Deputy Minister of oil Refining and Distribution of Petroleum Products took the first step in the 13thstate by signing a contract for the production of 45,000 dual-fuel vehicles in December this year between the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company and Iran Khodro Industrial Group; According to this cooperation agreement, worth about $ 20 million, 45,000 gas-based vehicles will be produced by Iran Khodro Company, of which 40,000 will be taxis and 5,000 will be vans.

Iran, with access to huge gas resources and the benefit of about 96% of the country"s population from the blessings of gas, has better infrastructure for the development of this industry.

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