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Commencement overhaul of Tehran refinery units

Commencement overhaul of South Isomax units, hydrogen and sulfurization of Tehran Oil Refining Company .
According to the information base of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, quoting the public relations of the Tehran Oil Refining Company, Mohammad Ali Hashemi announced the news: "Overhaul of the southern isomax, hydrogen and sulfur units of the Tehran Oil Refinery Company, despite The special conditions due to the prevalence of corona virus and the obligation to follow special health instructions will begin on Sunday, October 17th.

Hashemi continued: in the overhaul of the southern Isomax unit, which will last for 28 working days, 102 referral instructions will be implemented to the repair department, also in the overhaul of the hydrogen unit, 44 instructions and in the overhaul of the sulfur unit, 22 instructions will be performed. . In addition, major repairs of sour water 2 and southern Amine units are also on the agenda.

He described the continuation of production, prevention of breakdowns, increasing the life of equipment and reducing the risk factor of the units as the main reasons for carrying out major repairs of refining units and said: Major repairs that are performed in oil refineries, including Tehran Oil Refinery, are preventive repairs, so that by increasing the safety factor, the production process will not be disrupted.It is worth mentioning that the southern isomax unit of Tehran Oil Refining Company with a capacity of 17,000 barrels per day converts the isofeed from the vacuum distillation tower into products between distillation, gasoline and liquefied gas.

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