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Government spokesman

Huge infrastructure was created in the petrochemical sector and gasoline self-sufficiency

According to the information base of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, quoting the government"s information base, Ali Rabiee said: "While the country was on the path of stability and prosperity after several stormy years, with the measures of the government, suddenly from the second half In 2004, the world experienced a sharp and unprecedented drop in world oil prices. Oil prices, which had been hovering between $ 80 and $ 100 for nearly a decade, plummeted to $ 30 a barrel in a matter of months. Many oil-rich countries could not withstand the shock, and many suffered from recession and some from severe inflation.

The government spokesman stated: The average non-oil exports in the tenth government were 26.678 billion dollars, the eleventh government was 31.317 billion and the twelfth government was 30.18 billion dollars. Isn"t it an efficiency that our non-oil exports have averaged four years more than ever before without any issues or restrictions, that is, increasing real production, why are you distorting it?

In the post-Trump stage, acknowledging the failure of the US government, this time too, we have pushed back the sanctions to a great extent to this day, with the theory of honorable interaction with the world, using the capacities and the most unique people with high global knowledge and understanding.

Rabiee said that in addition to the government"s efforts to use the initial sanctions-breaking environment and the investments made, it has built huge infrastructure along the way, industrial products such as steel, petrochemicals and gasoline self-sufficiency, and the Persian Gulf water transfer project and thousands of other large projects. Undoubtedly, the effects of these investments in the coming years will affect the employment situation and improve Iran"s economy.

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