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Refinery Reaps Huge Profits by Stopping Substandard Fuel Consumption

TEHRAN (NIORDC) __ Elimination of substandard light liquid fuel at Imam Khomeini (RA) Shazand Refinery led to a significant reduction in environmental pollution and increased gasoline production with an annual profit of Rls. 1,100 billion.
According to Imam Khomeini (RA) Shazand Refinery, with regard to the studies conducted by the engineers of this refinery and presenting an innovative design, substandard light liquid fuel (SLOPS) of the refinery has been eliminated.
One of the by-products of the viscosity reduction unit is "poor quality gasoline" which is produced at Imam Khomeini Refinery in Shazand with about 5 m3/hr.
Since the mentioned item cannot be used as a final product, due to having olefinic and substandard compounds, on the one hand, and also, on the other hand, has caused many problems due to being refined in downstream units, since the refinery"s launch it was always directed to substandard light liquid fuel tanks and from there it was sometimes burned as light liquid fuel in boilers.
At other times, it was returned to the refinery"s crude oil tanks and was put back in the distillation cycle, which in both cases caused problems such as increased emissions from the boilers" chimneys or reduced crude oil refining capacity at the facility or creation of gums in the downstream units. Also, more energy was used to refine the slops.
By reviewing the company"s engineering experts, measures such as complete analysis of substandard gasoline, process simulations and studying the experiences of other refineries in the world were taken, and a proposal to inject this item in the refractor unit was presented and implemented in the reactor section of RFCC unit.
After the necessary follow-ups with the cooperation of the exploitation and repair departments in order to implement the project, it was finally set in motion on March 18, 2020 and sending substandard gasoline to the substandard light liquid fuel tanks was stopped and was directed to the RFCC unit. 

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