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The CEO of the National Refining and Distribution Company:

Abadan refinery is on the top place in the refining industry

 TEHRAN(NIORDC) The CEO of the National Refining and Distribution Company, Jalil Salari on the sidelines of visiting the development and stabilization plan of the second phase of Abadan refinery stated: One of the challenges of this refinery is environmental problems that have been solved step by step.In this regard, Salari added: "A great deal of work has been done in terms of capacity and type of equipment used in phase 2 of the Abadan refinery under sanctions."

He emphasized that the contractor and executor of this project looked at the local forces: one of the capacities of this refinery was based on manpower. In another part of his remarks, the Deputy Minister of Oil stated: "No incident has been recorded since the start of the second phase, which can be said to be a rare event in this project."

Saying that the project is an internal capacity for the country that we are using, Salari continued: "Our view of the second phase of the Abadan refinery is a developmental view."

He mentioned: "Presence in the region"s export markets and job creation are among our goals in Abadan oil refinery projects."

According to Salari, the project process is increasing, more than a thousand people have been added to the refinery complex during the implementation of the second phase.

At the end, he said that we are trying to put into operation some of the projects, and said: "We hope that with the plans made, good results will be achieved and people will see its effects and consequences."

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