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Modeling of Aircraft Manufacturing Company from Oil Knowledge Management System

According to the information base of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, quoted by the Tehran Oil Refining Company,The meeting of the CEO"s representative in knowledge management and the company"s experts with the officials and knowledge management leaders of Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Company was held while 80 reputable organizations and companies have emulated the knowledge management system of Tehran Oil Refining Company.
In this meeting, they discussed how to implement knowledge management, related cultural and motivational issues and challenges, and approaches implemented in the category of knowledge management.Also, the necessary coordination was made regarding the reciprocal visit of the human resources development and knowledge management team of Tehran Oil Refining Company to that organization and more knowledge interactions.

From the perspective of knowledge management officials of the aircraft industry, the key to success of knowledge management in Tehran Oil Refining Company as one of the leading companies in this field is senior managers" efforts to create a culture of learning and employee motivation and system integration by connecting knowledge management to strategic goals and vision of the organization,as well as its relationship with other systems of excellence through the development of knowledge management strategy map by training 62 knowledge engineers from different departments.
It is worth mentioning that the aircraft industry is one of the four most complex industries in the world and Iran Aircraft Industries Company (located in Isfahan) with about 4,000 experienced personnel and having up-to-date equipment and various training simulation systems, is one of the leading companies in acquiring new and high-tech technologies. And its spread to other industries, including the oil industry in the country is leading.

Knowledge management of Tehran Oil Refining Company has been operating since 2008 and so far, while having a constantly growing trend, especially in recent years due to the cooperation and serious attention of managers, officials and employees as a competitive advantage and support of strategies has been especially considered by Iranian evaluators, auditors and organizations.

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