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Range of Activities
  • Responsibilities and Duties


 *Transferring  of feed stock ( crude oil, condensate) from internal production centers and imported  origin to refineries .

* Refining of crude oil , condensate to produce major products including Gasoline  , Kerosene, Gas oil , Fuel oil , LPG, Jet fuel and by- products such as solvents(oil / gasoline base), sulfur and other oil derivates .

*Transferring products from refineries, terminals and importer  origin to NIORDC depots, industrial units and export origin via  pipelines, ships ,trucks and rail ways.

*Bunkering, swapping and transit of petroleum products .

*Supply , maintenance and development of  industrials telecommunication networks and data transferring  at the local and zonal level needed for the relevant organizations especially subsidiaries of the oil ministry.

*Conducting techno-economic Feasibility studies, designing, implementation, commissioning  and  supervision  of  construction and development of refineries , oil depots, gas stations , pipelines, pump stations, building installations, sea structures and telecommunication networks inside and outside the country.

*planning, procurements and manufacturing of parts and equipments required for  the development projects and refining operation, transferring , storing and distribution of petroleum products and alternative fuels with internal resources  priority .

*Incorporation of operational, financial and commercial programs and adjusting it with the policies proclaimed in order  to  set out a comprehensive program for the refining , transferring and distribution industry .

* Enforcing the rules and standards of development plans, refining operation, transferring, storing and distribution of petroleum products and alternative fuels in compliance with the declared  standards of the oil industry and any other relevant rules.

*Provisions of  specialized  instructions for maintaining and promotion level of health, hygiene, safety and environment as well as  passive defense .

* Policy making and regulation ,planning ,supervising, investments and  overseas joint venture in the refining, transferring and distribution of petroleum products and alternative fuels projects inside and outside the country.