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Iran eyes 2ml/d of Alkylate Petrol at Abadan Refinery

TEHRAN, Dec. 24 (NIORDC) — Production of alkylate petrol at Abadan Refinery, Irans oldest oil refining facility, will reach 2 million liters per day from currently 0.6 ml/d by the end of the current Iranian calendar year which began on March 21.
Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company (NIORDC) Alireza Sadighabadi told a press conference that the boost will be possible by taking certain measures in various units of the facility.
He said the alkylation unit of the refinery currently supplies Euro-4 petrol, adding alkylate petrol is viewed by many as green petrol given its environment-friendly features.
Elsewhere in the conference, Sadighabadi said NIORDC is pursuing methods to diminish fuel oil output of refineries in Iran, adding this would be a time-consuming task for NIORDC needing 4 to 5 years under normal circumstances.
Alkylation is a secondary refinery unit operation that adds high octane hydrocarbons to motor and aviation gasoline. High octane hydrocarbons are needed to help prevent autoignition of gasoline (knocking) in an engine and to meet recommended engine octane ratings.

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