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Refinery Localizes over 5k Items

TEHRAN (NIORDC) - Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company has so far localized production of over 5,000 parts of items to support domestic manufacturing.
According to Shana, the oil industry has always been recognized as the largest economic sector in the country and through the development of international interactions, has played an effective role in advancing the goals of economic diplomacy and ensuring national security.
Today, our country with liquid hydrocarbon reserves (including crude oil, liquids and gas condensate) and gas reserves and being ranked first in the world in terms of total hydrocarbon reserves, is in a special position in terms of energy security in the world. Therefore, it is obvious that the oil and gas-related industries in the country are of special significance. One of the issues that has received a lot of attention in the petrochemical and refining industries in recent years is parts localization, reverse engineering process, and local manufacturing of items and parts.
Reverse engineering and domestic manufacturing of oil and gas industry equipment is economically justified due to the increase in the price of hard currencies, and at the same time it can greatly contribute to the domestic production cycle and make the industry self-sufficient to a considerable extent.
Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company is one of the most important and strategic refineries in Iran, which is more than 20 years old and has been able to supply its required parts by relying on the technical and local knowhow.
In order to support domestic manufacture, more than 5,000 items used in the refining industry have been localized at Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company by relying on domestic capabilities and potentialities.
Hashem Namvar, the CEO of Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company, says: "In order to support domestic manufacturing, as well as tapping the refinery"s potentialities, so far more than 5,000 items have been developed for the first time without a preliminary plan and only by relying on the knowledge and capabilities of the refinery"s experts and domestic producers."
Noting that many of the manufactured items are among the important and vital parts and equipment of the oil refining industry that are key to continued production, he continues: "Supporting the manufacture of parts has saved the refinery billions of Iranian rials."
According to the CEO of Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company, with the measures taken in the field of self-sufficiency and localization of parts, in 2019 alone, more than 14,030 parts and in the first half of the current Iranian calendar year which began on March 21, 3,957 parts were localized in the company.
Namour adds: "Supporting the ability to build domestically, prevents currency outflows, cuts dependence on foreign countries, ensures timely supply of parts and reduces operational risks of the production process, while generating jobs and supporting knowledge-based companies. Referring to the establishment of an in-house manufacturing support unit in the Bandar Abbas oil refinery, he continues: "This action was taken with the aim of accelerating the implementation of localization programs for parts, considering the volume of in-house input in this company."

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