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Providing Welfare in Energy Sector Social Responsibility of Refining Industry

TEHRAN (NIORDC) __ Deputy CEO of the National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) said: "Providing welfare in the energy sector and paying attention to the environment is one of the most important social responsibilities of the refining industry."

Nasser Babaei told the fifth Conference on Social Responsibility of the Oil Industry, which was held via video conference on Wednesday: "In the energy sector, it is our mission to provide the necessary welfare for the people and to see what scenarios are available for the coming years, and if we cannot secure performance measurement systems in this area, our business will undoubtedly face a serious challenge in the future."

Emphasizing that the more organizations move in the direction of their social responsibilities, the more profits they will make in their business activities, he said: "In the field of social responsibility, in order to be effective and be able to portray the future and continue in the same path, we need a platform without which, this puzzle will not work well and the overall picture will no longer be conceivable."

"Otherwise, social responsibility as a tool in a certain period of time will no longer be effective," said the deputy head of the NIORDC, noting that it is necessary for all companies to implement a systematic management structure so that social responsibility is in the right place in such a structure.
Mr. Babaei added that NIORDC has tried to adopt a social responsibility management platform and set goals for the past year and a half.
According to the official, NIORDC refines 2.2 million barrels of crude oil and gas condensate daily, and transfers and exports up to 270 million liters of petroleum products and export of petroleum products on a daily basis.

"We have already prepared a strategic management document for the company in the field of social responsibility, and strategies and processes have been formulated and are in the implementation stage," he said.
Babaei said: "We are still in the beginning stages and we cannot say we are a mature organization." 

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