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There Is no Reduction In Iran`s Refining Capacity

The oil refining capacity will pass 1.8 million barrels

The oil refining capacity will increase to 70 percent

The daily production of Iran`s refineries has reached to average of 1.83 million barrels                          

The Managing Director of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC, Abbas Kazemi in an interview with Shana announced that there is no reduction in Iran`s refining capacity, only at one point in time we have used all or some parts of the capacity based on the market`s demands.

He added the nominal capacity of the country`s refineries is designed for 1.6 million barrels, however, we utilize them by 1.8 million barrels.

He continued that as per the planned refining capacity of the country, we have utilized 230 thousand barrels more than designed capacity.

Mr Kazemi reiterated that we have used the full capacity in recent years due to the demands of domestic markets but now there is balance between the domestic demands and exports.

Furthermore the Manager Director said that the refining capacity of the country would be increased to about 3.2 million barrels after implementation of projects of Persian Gulf Star, Anahita, BahmanGeno and Siraf by the private sector.

Referring to the plan to increase refining capacity of the country up to 70 percent, he mentioned we can reach to the said goal by implementing and utilizing the 360 thousand barrel Persian Gulf Star condensate Refinery, the 48 thousand barrel Siraf project, 150 thousand barrel Anahita, the 300 thousand barrel BahmanGeno Refinery in Jask Port and 120 thousand barrel Pars Refinery by the private sector.

He noted that all above mentioned refineries will be set up by the private sector, and continued that 10 percent discount in feed stock is offered by the government to the Anahita and BahmanGeno Refineries as an incentive for investors. Meanwhile, the pipe line project of Anahita Refinery will be implemented free of charge by the government.

The Manager Director of NIORDC specifed: it is expected that the private sector implements its commitments at the earliest.

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