Oil Refining Development with Petro-Refineries
Irans growing need for fuel in the transportation sector and its need for self-sufficiency in the production of required fuel makes it more than necessary for the country to upgrade...
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Deputy Minister of Oil:
The cyber attack was a threat that turned into an opportunity
The Deputy Minister of Oil and CEO of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company said: "The cyber attack on the intelligent fuel system was a threat that became an opportunity. "
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Major repairs of the catalytic conversion unit No. 2 of Isfahan Refinery began
The director of maintenance and repairs of Isfahan Oil Refinery announced the beginning of major repairs of Catalytic Conversion Unit No. 2 of this complex.
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Production of Tehran Refinery gasoline with Euro 5 quality will increase
The CEO of Tehran Oil Refining Company said: "Referring to the launch of the process optimization plan and the improvement of quantity and quality, it will be possible to produce Euro 5 gasoline."
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Increased safety in Bandar Abbas oil refinery
The head of safety of Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company said: by observing and paying attention to safety standards, 24 million and 810 thousand people - accident-free working hours were registered in Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company.
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Monthly savings of 4 billion rials in Shazand oil transfer center
The head of Shazand Oil Transfer Center, referring to the monthly 2700 quality control tests of petroleum products in this center, stated: "By performing this number of tests, 4 billion Rials have been saved every month."
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Commencement overhaul of Tehran refinery units
Commencement overhaul of South Isomaxunits, hydrogenand sulfurization of Tehranoil Refining Company .
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Commencement of major repairs in Isfahan refinery with the aim of ensuring continuity in production
Major repairs of distillation and liquefied gas units No. 3 of this company are carried out with the aim of ensuring the continuation of production of petroleum products and preparation of refinery operating units for a period of four years.
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Economic savings by implementing a project in Isfahan refinery
The overhaul of Isomax Unit No. 2 of Isfahan Oil Refining Company was carried out, relying on the knowledge and expertise of the companys experts and without the the help of foreign companies .
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By order of the Deputy Minister and CEO of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company
Appointed Deputy CEO of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company
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