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Installation of the gasoil purification plan of Isfahan refinery on July

The gasoil purification project of Isfahan refinery sets up on July 2022


Isfahan Oil Refining Company announced:  The final steps have been taken to implement the plan and it will be launched with the aim of producing Euro 5gas oil on July 2022.

Tehran (NIORDC), Quoted by public relations of Isfahan refinery, the central control room of the gasoil purification plan has inaugurated as a key step in starting the project.

CEO of Isfahan refinery by mention to the gasoline purification plan with 100.000 barrel gasoline per day and the investment of 545 million Euros and 69,134 billion Rails, added: currently the complexity coefficient of Isfahan refinery is 5.2, which with the implementation of plans such as gasoil refining, the complexity coefficient of the company reaches 8.7.

By completion of the gasoline purification plan, All 20 million liters gasoil produced daily by the Isfahan refinery are refined in accordance with the Euro 5 standard and 300 tons of sulfur are removed.


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