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National Bank is ready to attract foreign investment in the energy sector

The CEO of Bank Melli Iran (National Bank of Iran) announced that the bank is ready to attract the foreign investment in the energy sector.


THRAN(NIORDC):During the signing ceremony of  MoU related to the construction of the oil products reservoirs called Shahid Nader Mahdavi; Mohammad Reza Farzin said” Bank Melli Iran  owned about three thousand branches, and the largest banking  branch outside country.”

He state that we can have a good financing in the energy sector, and in the field of foreign currency, in other words, our branches abroad can become a hub for attracting the foreign investment for the country."

Emphasizing that our goal is to reduce the energy consumption in the country and we are doing our best to finance the projects of the Ministry of Petroleum, he added; Bank Melli Iran will contribute to the development and trade of the country"s energy sector.

He stressed that we will found the country"s oil project through the financing and foreign sources, added: "We have announced our readiness to participate in the construction of the Shahid Soleimani petro-refinery."

He also stated that: Bank Melli Iran will invest 90 million Euros in the said project and it is just the beginning of Bank Melli participation in the implementation of other projects in the oil industry.

Farzin said: The sale process of the Bank Melli companies is going on based on the schedule and the conditions of the investment market, and there is a hope to sale of the some of the large company of the banking the current Iranian year.



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