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The capacity of local managers will be used

The Deputy Minister of Oil and CEO of the National Company for Refining and Distribution of Iranian Petroleum Products said: "In recent decades, a local manager had not been appointed at the Abadan refinery."Today, this capacity has been created to take advantage of the presence of local managers who are tangibly aware of the problems and challenges.

TEHRAN (NIORDC) Quoted from Public Relations of Abadan Oil Refining Company, The CEO of NIORDC, pointing out that the presence of employees in the oil industry, especially Abadan Oil Refining Company has been significant in anti-arrogance in all periods of the Islamic Revolution, stated: In Abadan, many events and projects have been completed. Development plans and construction of transmission lines in Mahshahr export port, gasoline production unit and capacity stabilization plan of Abadan refinery, etc. are among the measures that were implemented by the staff and by using their expertise and capacities, provide the ground for completing the value added chain. Construction.

He expressed hope that with the help of the authorities, these unfinished projects will be completed using the legal resources and capacities.

Salari, pointing out that in the previous state, the financial resources of the Khuzestan refinery project were blocked, added: "In the thirteenth state, this approach has been changed and the goal has been set to determine the economic progress of this province in the coming years and avoid deprivation.

Referring to the continuous presence in the implementation of various refinery tasks, he said: Abadan refinery system should use all the capacities and facilities of Abadan refinery to develop urban infrastructure to show this huge economic structure in the city.

The Deputy Minister of Oil Refining and Distribution continued: "In recent decades, no local manager was appointed at the Abadan refinery. Today, this capacity has been created to use the presence of local managers who are clearly aware of the problems and challenges; This procedure will accelerate the elimination of backwardness in urban and social development.

Abadan refinery products will return to the previous position

The new CEO of Abadan Refinery also said: "We will do our best for the development of Abadan Refinery, which is the center of the country"s oil economy, to minimize the impact of sanctions." Hakim Qayyim continued: "Using all available capacities and specialized human resources, the goal is to return the Abadan refinery to the first level of oil products production."

He explained: The launch of phase 2 of Abadan refinery in the near future will not only improve the quality level of Abadan refinery products but will also cause more employment in this city.

Qayyim added: "In the last 30 years, the refinery has been looked at within the organization and less attention has been paid to its social responsibilities, but with the arrival of the new team, the approach will change and the Abadan refinery will play a pivotal role in development, reconstruction and improvement."

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