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4,000-Strong Cyber Army Close Ranks to Restore Iran Smart Fuel System

TEHRAN (NIORDC) - An official with the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) said a large cyber defense operation comprising 4,000 people was implemented to restore the country"s smart fuel system.
Yahya Beigzadeh, the head of the stations of the executive deputy of the smart fuel system at NIORDC said: "The Crisis Committee of the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company was formed as soon as the first disconnections of the fuel stations and the system were reported in the Ardabil region, and after reports from other regions."
He added: "In the very first minutes, all our stations were deactivated, except for 99 stations that were not connected to the center, and all the managers emphasized that we should not stop refueling operations and tried to meet the needs of the people, especially in transportation and highways. So it was decided that the pumps would work manually. Following this decision, all areas were informed to sever the pumps from the system and start refueling in the traditional way."
"After this decision, our technical colleagues in one of the stations began to try to restore the system and investigate the depth of damage to the system, and it turned out that all the nozzles in 54,000 stations were deactivated, so it was decided to run one by one, with the laptop in place and the restore operation by reinstalling the software," he added.
Beigzadeh continued: "According to our estimates, this work would take at least two to three weeks, but we were able to restore about 20 to 25 stations in the first 24 hours, but it was still a time-consuming operation and we needed to work faster. Therefore, in consultation with IranKish Company, which is our card reader support contractor, it was decided to open the card readers and take them to IranKish Company so that the work in the company could be done in a centralized manner, and fortunately the speed was very high."
He added: "At the headquarters of the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company, we did not have more than 40 operational personnel, but on the second night, all the stationmasters joined us and each of them became an operational force and opened and sent the equipment themselves, so the operation accelerated and within 24 hours, we connected about 7,300 nozzles to the smart system in Tehran, and the same pattern spread to all the other regions."
"About 400 managers, technical experts and technicians of the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company were involved in the operation, but on the day the operation began, about 3,000 officials entered and a large jihadist operation across the country with about 4,000 in attendance was formed in which empathy and cooperation were unparalleled and exemplary," the NIORDC official went on to add.
Beigzadeh emphasized: "According to the warnings of security colleagues, on Friday morning we set up a new server within 24 hours, which normally took one to two weeks. That night, our colleagues stayed up in different departments until morning and made the impossible, possible, and fortunately, after this action, the work accelerated and the stations became operational one by one, until more than 80% of the stations came online around the country and relative calm was restored."

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