Main IMD Tasks

1. Plan for effective interaction with investment applicants or bidders to provide financial and financing facilities in order to provide financial resources or direct domestic and foreign participation in NIORDC projects;

2. Supervise the development and coordination of NIORDC's international relations with international institutions active in the fields of refining, transmission and distribution of petroleum products in various parts of the world, such as companies, international investment institutions, research and economic foundations and organizations;

3. Manage communications and tailor relations in order to attract and ensure participation of foreign and domestic investors, as well as plan to introduce legal platforms and investment opportunities;

4. Supervise implementation of the necessary mechanisms in dealing with institutions and organizations that provide financial and capital facilities in order to facilitate domestic and international partnerships in order to create the necessary financial infrastructure required for the development of the NIORDC's development plans and projects;

5. Supervise the establishment of a suitable operational platform for attracting the participation of capital hubs and investment foundations and organizations providing financial and capital facilities;

6. Supervise expansion and deepening of the comprehensive financing system and its instruments (money market, capital market and insurance) with the participation of domestic and foreign natural and legal persons and boost the effective share in the capital market to develop investment and stability, and reduce the risk of commercial activities in the country's economy with an emphasis on promoting the transparency and health of the financial system;

7. Work out investment development systems and financing policies for participation in the creation of credit instruments and facilities with capital market participants;

8. Examine the technical and financial capabilities of the applicants for investment and submit reports to the Board of Directors; provide agreements for development of projects and carry out the relevant measures such as concluding memoranda of understanding, issuing partnership agreements with the coordination of the interested units;

9. Ensure integrity and coherence of all investment attraction processes, including providing information, introducing investment opportunities, encouraging and persuading investors;

10. Supervise the development of NIORDC's business partnerships with other oil enterprises, investors and the companies active in the field of refining and distribution industry at home and abroad;

11. Regularly review the money and capital market to meet the short-term and long-term development needs of NIORDC.

12. Supervise planning to establish effective interactions between NIORDC and the capital market and financial hubs and support investors in exploiting financial and banking facilities and financial consultation centers;

13. Supervise the establishment and completion of information and investment database, financing; offer services and transfer technical knowledge, and connect to the required information networks.