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HSE Measures on Storage Tank Outlines

TEHRAN (NIORDC) __ The management of health, safety and environment of the National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) issued an agenda for all subsidiaries and refining companies to take preventive measures regarding the accidents of storage tanks of petroleum products.
Petroleum products storage tanks in oil industry facilities have always been identified as one of the high-risk centers in process units due to the risk of fire, explosion and material leakage. Usually, the worst case scenario is designed and implemented based on the fire in these tanks to supply the water for firefighting in these facilities.
Investigating the root causes of fire accidents in tanks, the Passive Health, Safety, Environment and Defense Department of NIORDC has described poor performance of systems, safety protection layers, safe operation and lack of preparedness to deal with emergencies as the most important reasons for these incidents in the agenda.
In order to prevent the recurrence of accidents in storage tanks, the department issued the agenda and issued it to subsidiaries and refineries to cooperate with the units of operation, overhaul planning, technical inspection and HSE of the companies to take preventive measures in the best possible way.

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