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Irans minister of petroleum:

Iran will be a gasoline exporting country in near future.

(Wednesday, September 15, 2010) 13:15 THHRAN 15 September (Shana): In a message on the occasion of successful implementation of a plan for immediate and continuous production of gasoline by the petrochemical complexes, Iranian minister of petroleum, Masoud Mirkazemi announced here on Wednesday that Iran will be a gasoline exporting country in near future. On this great achievement, Iran’s minister of petroleum said In a message: on the eve of approaching the anniversary of the Sacred Defense by Iran’s nation, by God confirmation and reliance on abilities and commitment of the efficient, faithful and creative managers and employees of the oil industry, we are witnessing the dignity of our Islamic homeland in leaving behind another test and achieving an unprecedented success. The message continues: this valuable success along with the hundreds of other great achievements depict the reality that great family of Iran’s oil industry has started a new chapter in meeting the essential needs of the country and cutting dependency to arrogant powers. Swift gasoline production plan by petrochemical complexes has been started since last month and the capacity to produce the product has increased from 44 million liters per day to 66.5 million liters per day resulting to Iran’s self sufficiency in gasoline production. Iran’s minister of petroleum said last week that gasoline production had reached to 66.5 million liters per day. On the sidelines of the second round of the provincial tours by the cabinet, the minister of petroleum visiting Robat Karim, said gasoline production has been started in petrochemical plants since 20 days ago increasing to 66.5 million liters per day recently. Referring to importing 22 million liters of gasoline per day and domestic production of 44 million liters, Mirkazemi said the initiative is a response to sanctions and trickery by some gasoline sellers to increase the prices.

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