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Iran and Syria talk on energy issues

TEHRAN 21 Aug (Shana): Iranian petroleum minister and his Syrian counterpart talked on 20 August in Tehran on supplying gas to Syria, transferring gas via Syria to other countries, construction an oil refinery and an oil pipeline crossing Syrian and Iraqi territories leading to consumption markets. Noting desirable the political relations between the two countries, Dr. Masoud Mirkazemi said the relations in the other fields including economic area also should attain a very desirable level. Stating that gas transfer to Syria was among the main topics of the discussions, Iranian petroleum minister adding there is the possibility to meet Syrian gas needs through existing gas pipelines including Iran - Turkey gas pipeline in short term. According to Mirkazemi in the long run there is the possibility to transfer gas to Iraq and Syria through a new gas pipeline, meeting not only gas needs of the two countries but also to transfer gas to other countries in the region. MIrkazemi pointed out that the two sides also talked on construction of an oil refinery in Syria noting that previously it has been agreed on construction a refinery with the participation of some other countries. He went on to say that during the meeting we talked about the issue and some executive problems facing the project. The petroleum minister remarked that construction of and oil pipeline to transfer oil through Iraq and Syria was another topic on the agenda noting we agreed on studying the pipeline construction from economic aspect. Iranian minister of petroleum, Masoud Mirkazemi and his Syrian counterpart Safian Allaw, met on Friday afternoon in the petroleum ministry headquarters in Tehran. Managing director of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), Javad Oji, and deputy minister of petroleum for international and commercial affairs, Ahmad Khaleghi, also attended the meeting. Last month, Syrian minister of economy and trade, Amer Hasani Lotfi, paid a visit to Tehran talking with Iranian minister of petroleum on energy issues and the possibility of exporting gas to the country through Turkey or Iraq.

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