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Deputy Minister of Oil:

The cyber attack was a threat that turned into an opportunity

The Deputy Minister of Oil and CEO of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company said: "The cyber attack on the intelligent fuel system was a threat that became an opportunity and increased the readiness to deal with similar crises in the complex."

According to the information base of NIORDC, Deputy minister Jalil Salari added: "Repelling the conspiracy of a cyber attack on the fuel system thanks to the sacrifices of conscientious employees of the oil industry and the brave action of the brave men of the Revolutionary Guards to recover the stolen oil." The country and the seizure of the offending oil tanker, despite the presence of US terrorist ships, showed that Islamic Iran is at the peak of readiness and authority inside and outside its borders.

10:45 - 06/11/2021    /    Number : 13231    /    Show Count : 346