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Iran must Enhance Gas Market Share given Massive Reserves:


TEHRAN, Oct. 28 (NIORDC) - A senior Iranian gas official says given the massive natural gas reserves Iran sits atop, the country must boost its toehold in global gas market.
Addressing a conference ahead of the 7th conference and exhibition of Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association (ANGVA) in Tehran, Mansour Riyahi, managing director of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC), Irans currently 1.5% share in the global gas market must increase considering the fact that it enjoys over 18% of the planets natural gas reserves.
"We are optimistic that ANGVA 2017 will pave the path for developing compressed natural gas (CNG) industry in Iran," he said.
Iran sits atop 46% of the gas reserves in the Middle East and 11% of the worlds oil reserves, he said.
Riyahi described CNG industry as a strategic one, saying the sector must develop for various political, economic, environmental and developmental reasons.
Iran currently enjoys 2,400 CNG stations and over 4.5 million CNG-run cars that consume over 20 million cubic meters of the fuel on a daily basis.
"Without consuming this amount of CNG, Iran would have to import an equivalent amount of petrol instead to fuel cars," he added.
Iran has the largest number of gas-run cars in the world after China.
Beginning on October 31, the three day conference and exhibition will host Iranian and foreign companies active in CNG industry.

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