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Monday, August 14, 2017)

Hamedan Supplies Fuel to 5 Provinces

Hamedan Province is one of the oldest places of living in Iran. The province is among Irans major arteries. Due to its location on a corridor linking northern and southern provinces, it records more than 1,000 travels a day.

Thanks to its suitable geographical and climate conditions, Hamedan is a hub of agriculture in Iran. The commutation by thousands of cars and the operation of thousands of businesses, as well as cold weather in this province add to the significance of fuel supply which is a major cause of concern for the provincial officials of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC).

Amin Roustaei, manager of the Hamedan zone of NIOPDC, told Iran Petroleum that fuel supply in this province was highly significant due to the location of the province in a cold area.

He said that in certain months of the year, fuel is delivered by Arak refinery to the provinces of West Azarbaijan, Zanjan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Qazvin via the Hamedan branch of NIDC.

"Fuel supply in the provincial cities of Hamedan and Malayer dates from 1300 years. Therefore, one of significant projects in the previous years was to relocate oil depots surrounded by residential areas," said Roustaei.

At present, the stocking capacity of gasoline, gasoil and kerosene in this province is 350 million liters. According to plans, Hamedan and Malayer depots are to be developed in the near future.

Roustaei said more than 97% of cities and villages in Hamedan Province have access to natural gas.

However, under  some certain circumstances like Turkmenistans recent suspension of gas supply to Iran, the manpower of the provincial zone of NIOPDC redoubled their efforts in order to provide fuel to power plants and households and make up for gas shortages.

"For example, 4 ml/d of fuel for Mofateh Power Plant in Hamedan was delivered by 300 oil tankers under -25 degrees Centigrade," he said.

Roustaei said there has been inclination for developing fuel supply infrastructure due to a variety of reasons including cold weather "in order to supply peoples fuel needs during peak consumption."

He noted that consumption may double during certain periods of time when people travel to Hamedan from across Iran.

There are currently 82 gas stations in the Hamedan area, which would reach 100 in coming two years.

Fuel distribution is carried out in Hamedan, Malayer, Toyserkan, Nahavand, Assadabad, Bahar, Razan and Kaboudar Ahang without facing any disruption.

Roustaei said: "Currently, 2.5 ml/d of liquid fuel is consumed in the province. As required by law, each gas station is controlled in terms of quantity and quality four times a month."

He added that 80% of gas stations in Hamedan Province have been proven to be compliant with standards.

Roustaei said 25,000 tractors are working in Hamedan Province, adding that they need fuel all the time.


Courtesy of Iran Petroleum


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