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Lavan Refinery to Yield 2.7m Liters of Euro4 Gasoline in 2 Months

  TEHRAN, Nov 19 (Shana)

Addressing a press conference in Lavan, Akhbari said his refinery will produce up to 2,700,000 liters of euro 4 gasoline from two million liters of euro 2 gasoline.

He said the project will keep the atmosphere clean.

He noted that the Lavan Oil Refining Companys wastage was minimized dramatically in the Iranian year of 1395 (2016-17) and by 32 percent in the Iranian calendar year of 1394 (2013-14).

He put the amount of wastages in the first seven months of this Iranian calendar year at 11,829 tons from 33,114 tons in the year before.

Akhbari went on to say that thanks to the hard endeavors of his directors and staff, the hydrodesulfurization (HDS) unit was also put into operation. 

In another development, Akhbari said the distillation units construction at Lavan Refinery has cost 253 million euros.

The management of the refinery announced on Wednesday that it will have three projects for whose commissioning tenders will be held in the near future.

They boasted that it is now self-sufficient in catalyst.

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