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Bandar Abbas Refinery Flare System On


 Managing Director of National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company (NIOPRDC) Abbas Kazemi told Shana on Saturday that operations for tentative activity of the gasoline production unit of Bandar Abbas refinery have started and the flare of the refinery was lit today.

Kazemi said as the flare was lit, the fired heaters will be prepared soon as of next week for refining operations, hence leading to the operation and production stages.

The Deputy Minister of Petroleum for Refining and Distribution said as of Saturday, the Total Shut Down operations to link the refinery with new project will be implemented.

All the utility units are now operational, said the official, adding that once the enhanced output project is over, daily euro 4 gasoline production capacity of the refinery will reach four million liters by next two months.

Kazemi added that with four million liter increase in gasoline production capacity of the refinery, its total capacity will reach 12 million liters a day and the quality of 8 million liters of that will be euro 4.

He boasted that upgrading of the quality will turn the refinery into a complicated and powerful refinery with the ability to export

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