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Gasoline Vapor Recovery Made Possible in Iran

  • The project resulted in recovery of 95 percent of gasoline vapors through nanostructure absorbents.

    The project was put on the RIPI agenda and the employer, National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC), confirmed it. It is in pilot production stage.

    According to RIPI, there are about 300 gas stations and once or twice a day the reservoir tanks are loaded by the fuel tankers.

    In each loading, part of the gasoline vapor goes into the atmosphere, causing environment pollution. Installation of the hydrocarbon compound recovery unit will recover 95 percent of gas vapors.

    The RIPI project features production of nanostructure absorbent of active carbon, design and construction of gas vapor recovery pilot, and checking the vapors in the gas station, which verifying the pilot function.

     RIPI has reportedly showcased 14 models of its technical know-how, including the technology for production of the hydrocarbon vapor recovery pilots for gas stations through using nanostructure absorbents, at the 9th International Nanotechnology Festival and Exhibition (IRAN NANO 2016) from October 5-8.

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