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Refinery Output 15% Higher than Expectations

TEHRAN, Sep 13 (Shana)  Imam Khomeini Refinery has set a new production record by operating at 15% of its production plan.

Ali Jamshidi, managing director of the facility, has told Shana that the refinery, located in the central province of Markazi, underwent an overhaul project which took 25 years without any accidents this year.

He said the refinery is now operating at 115% of its planned production capacity.

The hydrogen, hydrocracker, gas refinery and the amine units of the refinery underwent the overhaul, he said. 

The refinery is currently being fed by 250,000 b/d of crude oil. 

The facility is planning to develop its second phase. Once the project is complete, it will supply 16 ml/d of petrol, 2,000 tons/day of liquefied petroleum gas and 400 ton/d of sulfur.

Furthermore, its fuel oil output will fall from 12 ml/d to 4 ml/d, said Jamshidi.

The facility supplies products to a number of Iranian cities with Tehran being its biggest consumer with 11 ml/d.


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