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Increasing Petrol`s Quality

Director of Integrated Planning of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) Shahaboddin Mataji  pointed to plans for producing petrol and improving petrol`s quality, and said that in this regard we should refer to a plan to construct a complex to produce petrol in Esfahan Refinery which its goal is the increase of the quantity and quality of petrol up to 3 million litter in accordance with Euro 4 standard.

Another plan is to optimize and improve the quality of the products of Tabriz Refinery which its goal is the production of Super petrol and required Benzene Tabriz Refinery up to 750 barrel per day.

A plan to produce petrol and improving quality of the products of Bandar Abbas Refinery with the goal of increasing the production up to 2.5 million litter Petrol per day which is additional to current capacity of the Refinery.

Also we should refer to a plan of “development and stabilization of Abadan Refinery. At the same time with improving the quality of products, 2.3 million litter petrol, 1 million litter gasoil, 3.9 million litter kerosene and 1.5 million litter LNG per day will be added to the capacity of the Refinery.


15:25 - 06/09/2016    /    Number : 10400    /    Show Count : 2893