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Self- Sufficiency in Gasoline Production

The countdown has started for inauguration of Persian Gulf Star Refinery project which is the biggest condensate refinery in the Middle East.

Persian Gulf Star refinery is the first refinery in Iran to be fed Gas condensate . The facility, with a production capacity of 360,000 barrels/day, can process up to 36 million liters a day of Euro-4 gasoline and 14 ml/d of Euro-4 gasoil.

Besides, it can supply 2,000 tons/d of liquefied petroleum gas, 3 ml/d of plane fuel and 130 tons of sulfur every day.

The project has so far made 86% physical progress and its first phase is over 90% complete.

Right now, Iran is the exporter four major oil productions which is gasoil, kerosene, mazut, LNG .

Iran‘s oil refining capacity is 1million and 850 thousand barrels/day that will be increase up to 3 million and 200 thousand barrels/day with fulfillment of the new projects of Persian gulf star refinery, pars refinery and siraf refinery.

The distillation unit of the facility will come on-stream by the end of the current Iranian calendar year to March 20 2017, making it possible for production of 12 ml/d of Euro-4 gasoline.



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