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Tehran-Rey Transmission Pipelines will be Secured

Tehran-Rey Transmission pipelines will be secured

 Iranian Deputy Oil Minister Abbas Kazemi informed that the path of oil transmission pipelines will be changed.

Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company Abbas Kazemi Speaking with Shana said that according to the heavy traffic in the oil transmission pipelines in Rey region, the path of the oil transmission pipelines will be changed to increase the safety of supplying.


He said that according to the heavy traffic in Rey region and increasing the safety of supply, a plan has been proposed to bypass Tehran`s pipelines and transfer the pipelines directly 70-80 kilometer far from south of Tehran to Garmsar city (North East of Tehran).


Kazemi  said that by fulfilling the plan, the oil products from north of Tehran to the cities of Mashhad and Orumiyeh would be transferred securely in case the earthquake or natural disaster would happen.




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