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JCPOA Means More Options: President Rouhani

  • TEHRAN, Aug 01 (Shana) Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said one of the outcomes of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is that Iran has been given more options for choosing from suppliers of items.
    Addressing celebration of the 50th Anniversary of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)s Establishment on Monday, Rouhani said one of the chief outcomes of the JCPOA is that the country is no longer dependent on a certain few countries for supply of the items it might need from time to time. 

    He said under the sanctions the country had to beg suppliers from a few countries which often implied loss of dignity for the country before foreigners, but now that the sanctions are being lifted, it can enter into interactions with the world, in a dignified manner. 

    The Iranian president also thanked the Iranian oil and gas industry officials, executives, managers, staff and workers for the achievements they have gained in energy supply in the country. 

    "They [imposers of sanctions] tried to curb import of patrol. Now that you see the countrys self-sufficiency in production of oil products especially gasoline and gasoil by relying on domestic prowess and gas sector is so important," he said. 

    He said not very long ago, "we needed to import gas during winter; do you remember what hardships we had to undergo with a friend neighbor country for imports of gas?… As soon as winter began, things turned ugly as far as pricing, delivery or timing of deliveries were concerned."

    Rouhani said the independence of the country and its different dimensions and its self-sufficiency regarding staple commodities supply like oil and gas are so important if you want to stay revolutionary. 

    "A revolutionary country needs to be independent, for a revolution means the country must be independent and free. This is what a revolution is all about; it is about not needing anybody for making decisions and deciding based on our own volition and relying on the peoples vote."

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