Over 130,000 public transport vehicles to become dual-fuel
TEHRAN - The Director of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC)’s compressed natural gas (CNG) programs Mohammad-Hossein Baqeri has said that 132,000 public transport vehicles are going to become dual-fueled across the country.
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Ending Gasoline Import Saved $20b in 2.5 Years
NIORDC data show that between1974 and 1976 gasoline was never imported. With the rapid increase in auto production and imports, importing fuel became a norm climbing to four million liters in 1987 and 17 million liters a day in 2008.
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Euro-5 Petrol Output of Persian Gulf Star Refinery Hits 47ml/d
The CEO of the Persian Gulf Star Oil Company announced the daily production of roughly 47 million liters of petrol whose quality exceeds the Euro-5 standard.
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Isfahan Refinery to turn into Petro-Refinery
The Deputy Minister of Economy and Commerce and member of the board of directors of Isfahan Oil Refining Company and Isfahan Petrochemical Company said the company has taken a fundamental step to become a petro-refinery by having acquired about 42% of Isfahan Petrochemical Company’s shares.
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Over 53,000 Public Transportation Vehicles Converted to CNG Hybrids
National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company has launched a scheme to convert gasoline-powered public transportation and commercial vehicles into compressed natural gas hybrids
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Refinery Reaps Huge Profits by Stopping Substandard Fuel Consumption
TEHRAN (NIORDC) Elimination of substandard light liquid fuel at Imam Khomeini (RA) Shazand Refinery led to a significant reduction in environmental pollution and increased gasoline production with an annual profit of Rls. 1,100 billion.
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Bandar Abbas Refinery Adding Value to Output
Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery in Hormozgan Province has increased output by 30,000 barrels of crude oil per day, the managing director said.
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5- Hydrochloric Acid of Bandar Abbas Refinery Lauded as Top Iranian Item
TEHRAN (NIORDC) The CEO of Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company said the production plan of gas hydrochloric acid of the refinery was honored as the top Iranian product at the 5th National Festival of Top Iranian Products.
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Bandar Abbas Refinery Eyes 12k Tons of Propylene Output
TEHRAN (NIORDC) The CEO of Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company said the plant has devised plans which will bring its annual propylene output to 12,000 tons
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Refinery Localizes over 5k Items
TEHRAN (NIORDC) - Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company has so far localized production of over 5,000 parts of items to support domestic manufacturing.
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