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Production of Tehran Refinery gasoline with Euro 5 quality will increase

The CEO of Tehran Oil Refining Company, referring to the launch of the process optimization plan and quantitative and qualitative upgrades, will provide the possibility of producing Euro 5 gasoline ,said:The implementation of this plan will solve the problems of accumulation and increase the feed capacity of the refinery and ultimately lead to an increase in gasoline production.
According to the information base of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, quoting the public relations of the Tehran Oil Refining Company, Hamed Armanfar on the sidelines of the Tehran governor"s visit with the presence of a group of city officials from the Tehran Oil Refining Company,explained the most important executive actions of the process optimization plan and quantitative and qualitative upgrades.
In this regard, Arman Far stated: The most important measures of this project include the construction of a heavy naphtha hydrogen treatment plant with the aim of desulfurization with a capacity of 16,000 barrels per day, the construction of a CCR unit with the aim of improving the refinery"s final incineration number from 87 to 91 with a capacity of 14,000 barrels a Day and construction of benzene saturation unit with the aim of reducing the benzene in the final gasoline of the refinery with a capacity of 24,000 barrels per day and the construction of an ethane depletion unit and so on.

He pointed out that with the launch of the process optimization plan and the improvement of quantity and quality, it will be possible to produce Euro 5 gasoline, he said.
It is worth mentioning that this project in order to improve the environmental quality of gasoline products produced by the company, in accordance with Euro 5 standard, increase gasoline production of Tehran Oil Refining Company by 14% with Euro 5 standard quality and increase profitability by an estimated $ 1 per barrel The received crude oil is based on domestic power and has a credit of 200 million euros.

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