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Increased safety in Bandar Abbas oil refinery

The head of safety of Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company said: by observing and paying attention to safety standards, 24 million and 810 thousand people - accident-free working hours were registered in Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company.  

According to the information base of the National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company, quoting the public relations and international affairs of Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company; Mahmoud Namazi said: "Activities have been carried out in three sections of education and culture in the field of security, control and prevention of accidents and emergency preparedness and response." 

According to him, based on continuous control and monitoring of activities in compliance with safety requirements, key people, including the behavior support plan by reviewing all operational and non-operational behaviors, the end of the manager of refinery units and collecting and analyzing quasi-accidents and regular action c During major repairs, the implementation of occupational risk assessment projects based on JSA and JHA, issuance of work permits and performance control, etc, are other factors in order to increase security in Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company.

Namazi added: in a recent year, in order to empower and improve employee readiness, increase operational capacity and decision-making power in emergencies, identify strengths and weaknesses and evaluate performance, 7 HSE maneuvers and 43 fire drills and 1 joint field exercise in the company Oil refining was done in Bandar Abbas.

It is worth mentioning that by examining the performance of this company and implementing the requirements of maintaining and observing safety points, this company succeeded in registering the performance of 24 million and 801 thousand million man-hours of accident-free employees in the operational units of the refinery.

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