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Commencement of major repairs in Isfahan refinery with the aim of ensuring continuity in production

The director of maintenance and repairs of Isfahan Oil Refining Company, referring to the overhaul of distillation and liquefied gas units No. 3 of the company, said: "This operation is carried out with the aim of ensuring the continuous production of petroleum products and preparing the refinery operating units for a period of four years." 

According to the information base of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, quoting the public relations of the Isfahan Oil Refining Company,  Alireza Qazvini described the overhaul of refining units as a sensitive activity and said: it has been predicted to be 14 days to carry out major repairs of distillation units and liquefied gas No. 3 of this company .He stated that pipelines, furnaces, heat exchangers, electrical equipment and precision instruments, pumps and compressors of these units, account for the largest volume of major repairs, he specified: The necessary coordination for the storage of crude oil and The products have been produced and there will be no problem in supplying the petroleum products needed by the country.
The director of maintenance and repairs of Isfahan Oil Refining Company, stating that the power and expertise of 2000 people has been used in this process, said: It is expected that the planned overhauls in Isfahan refinery, with maximum use of time and uninterrupted work, According to the principles and regulations, it should be done and completed in safe conditions.

It is worth mentioning that  Isfahan Oil Refining Company, which supplies about 22% of the country"s petroleum products; It is responsible for products such as gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene, kerosene, as well as jet fuel, furnace oil and sulfur.

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