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Ending Gasoline Import Saved $20b in 2.5 Years

NIORDC data show that between1974 and 1976 gasoline was never imported. With the rapid increase in auto production and imports, importing fuel became a norm __ climbing to four million liters in 1987 and 17 million liters a day in 2008. 

According to Financial Tribune ,If the state-run National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company was not self-reliant in gasoline production, it would have to spend an estimated $20 billion to import the fuel in the past two and a half years under tight economic conditions.

The company"s gasoline output is over and above domestic demand by 20 million liters a day creating opportunity for exports, ISNA reported.

NIORDC gasoline production capacity has reached 110 ml/d while consumption is less than 90 ml/d.



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