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NIORDC Backs Self-Sufficiency in Refining Catalyst Technology

TEHRAN (NIORDC) __ A senior official with the National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company (NIORDC) says the company supports domestic producers in acquiring the savvy to produce all the catalysts used in Iran"s refineries.

Ali Zyar, Commercial Director of NIORDC, said 80 percent of the catalysts used in the sector are currently being supplied domestically, adding the rest will enter the mass production cycle by the end of the current calendar year to March 20.

He said NIORDC backs projects to design and manufacture refining machinery, catalysts, pilot and industrial chemicals and supports interactions with manufacturers for the betterment of the quality of domestically-produced items.

He said so far domestic production of catalysts includes steam reforming, zinc oxide, demercaptanjizer, sulfur recovery, isomerization, naphtha reformate, diesel and kerosene hydrodegeneration, as well as all types of industrial colors and coatings, anti-suspension agents, biocides, antistatic and anti-corrosive agents, emulsifiers, industrial molecular sieves and manufacturing. GRV, GRP and FRP composite tubes, various types of mechanical fluids, various types of valves and joints, various types of turbine oil, turbine blades, steam turbines, valve control, meters for measuring fluid flow and making certain compressors and pumps.

In the field of catalyst production, a chain of domestic manufacturers, refineries, research centers, and laboratories have closed ranks and, fortunately, all technical catalysts needed for the refining industry have been fully developed domestically, and all the samples required in the refinery industry have been produced on a laboratory scale and the required pilot tests have been carried out with success, Zyar added.

Speaking of commercial and industrial production of necessary catalysts for the refining industry, he said: "We have reached 80 percent self-sufficiency in the field and the remaining 20 percent will soon be achieved by domestic producers."

The official further elaborated on NIORDC"s activities to support newly-built items, saying: "One of our activities is to support the construction of goods and equipment that are being built for the first time in the country. Loading the goods for the first time and installing them in the system, monitoring and extracting the results and analyzing them permanently, improving and re-applying them, are among our actions in this section."


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